Ishii Brothers' Co. Inc.(IBC)

He used to be the specialist of derivatives.
 "Itaru ISHII, No.1 Derivatives engineer in Tokyo Market", Nikkei Financial Daily (30AUG96)
 "He is very unique. From the top medical school to the hot Finance field, now even in educational services", Asahi Shimbun(3JAN02)
 "One of Top 101 consultants in Japan. Itaru Ishii, the professional of the professionals in fund raising.", Venture Club Magazine(SEP01)
 "He is the Charisma of Derivatives", Asahi Shinbun (11APR08)

Now he is a consultant to governments and a journalist in travel, education, and economy field.
Also a owner and CEO of a lisenced publisher in Tokyo. And you sometimes find him in TV programs in Japan.

 Sample of Column re resorts/Nikkei TopLeader
 Sample of Column re Education/Nikkei Ducare
 Sample of Column re Ishii's activity/Kushiro Daily

Lately "Ishii Brothers' Company" is famouns for publishing the most expensive travel guides in Japan, the price of which is JPY 11,000, equivalent to over US$ 100.
The details of our travel guides are here.


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What does IBC do?  IBC is one of the representative independent consulting firms in Japan, run by Dr. Itaru ISHII, director.

-Fund Rasing
His original focus has been financial high-techs like securitization, derivatives, and risk management. By using the technologies, he is giving new aspects in terms of fund rasing. Now his clients are not limited in banking/finance field but expanded to the other areas including foreign governments.

He is the advisor to some foreign governments, as he has strong and deep relationships with influential people in Japanese society. Also he knows how to get fund for different types of projcts.

IBC got a publisher's lisence in Japan on 2007 with Intenational ISBN number. It publishes books related to education and travel guides.
The details of our travel guides are here.
Also, Ishii has regular columns in the magazines/nespaper issued by the other publishers.

-Tourism promotion (resorts/restaurants/special events)
IBC regularly publishes travel guides for wealthy individuals in Japan and Asia. The latest one is "We come wrinkle-free at Como-Shambala", bilingual of English and Japanese. They introduce famous resorts/restaurant/special events. The price is JPY10,000, equivalent to around US$125. IBC can introduce the clients' resorts in such medias. The travel guides have advertisements in major newspapers in Japan.

IBC runs a pre-school for kindergarden kids who would like to pass the entrance exams of private elementary schools in manily Tokyo. THe pre-school name is "Antenna Pre-school", the 3rd largest pre-school in Tokyo.
Antenna is famouns for sending many kids to Keio Youchisha Elementary school and Waseda Elementary school. Keio and Waseda are the top two private university in Japan.

Who is running the company?  Now IBC is runned by Dr. Itaru Ishii, director. Originally IBC was set up by Dr. Ishii and his sister. ISHII was born in 1965 and graduate Medical school of University of Tokyo, the best university in Japan. After he got the master degree of Medicine there, he joined to Bankers Trust, an american bank. After 3 years' experince there, he worked for UBS and Banque Indosuez, a French bank, for total around 6 years. He became a Managing Director in the French bank, when he was 28 yeard old. It was (maybe still until now) the youngest record to be MD at 28 yo in the Tokyo Market. He was introduced by Nikkei Financial Daily in 1997 that he was the NO.1 Derivative engineer in Tokyo Market.
 He set up IBC in 1997. He received the honorable PhD in 2011.
Where is the office located?  The main office is located at Shibuya, one of the most busy city in Tokyo, Japan. Just less than one minute work from Shibuya Station, JR Yamanote Line and many Metro lines..
How do we know IBC?  The director, Dr. Itaru ISHII, has had over 50 books published, from the other major publishers. But unfortunately only in Japan and Japanese. You can check them, if you read Japanese, in major seaching engines in Japan. There should appear a lot of hits.
Ishii Brothers' Company
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